Advent - What makes you feel love?

What brings you joy?

Today, we prepare to light the Candle of Love. 


Imagine this: Over a hundred people, from the ages of two to eighty years old, were asked the question, “What makes you feel connected; what makes you feel Loved?” 

Can you hear their pause when the question was posed? Can you feel your own response? 

Stay with whatever is bubbling up within you as you contemplate what makes you feel connected and loved... 



From the voices of different generations, here is what makes people feel connected and loved.

  • Handwritten notes. 
  • Casseroles. 
  • Being invited in. 
  • Reading a book together. 
  • The passing of the peace. 
  • Family walks. 
  • Youth group. 
  • When I see my friends at preschool. 


  • Surprise phone calls. 
  • Making music with other people. 
  • Home-cooked food. 
  • Belly laughs. 
  • Eye contact. 
  • Dinner parties. 
  • An inside joke. 
  • Hugs. 
  • Dancing with my partner in the kitchen. 


Today we light the candle of love as a reminder that from the very first generation, God has surrounded us with love.


May this good news—these threads of love—not only weave deeper connections between neighbors, but shape our actions and allow us to see God more clearly.


In a lonely world, let this light shine bright. From generation to generation, we are held in God’s love. Thanks be to God for that good news. Amen.

Your pastors are available for conversation and/or visit. Simply be in touch. 


In Faith,

Lori Bievenour, lori at stpeterscarmel dot org, or 317-846-6882, x222

Dakota Roberts, dakota at stpeterscarmel dot org, or 317-846-6882, x223