Exploring communion

St. Peter's UCC welcomes all* to participate in the sharing the sacrament of Holy Communion. Some worshippers choose to eat and drink; others choose to be present with the community but not share in the elements. All our affirmed!


In this invitation to communion, member Liz Chandler shares a transformation she recently experienced surrounding this ritual. May her words and this invitation be a gift to all who are contemplating this sacred act.


*All are truly welcome, including those who have never set foot in a worship community, regular attendees, and everyone in between.

Why I cry during communion


It used to be
As a child
Communion meant remembering the torture of Christ - done for me, because of me
I remembered my sins
Reviewing my week
Broken commandments
Head bowed low
Promises to try harder, be better
My own story didn't matter - only that I need the body and blood to wash away my darkness
To maybe make a sliver of me worthy
Of love


I watch the people
The community
Waiting for their turn
And I see
The stories
The reasons we have found this place
The experiences that have made each person who they are


The meal we share in the bread and wine
The offer of love in a tiny cup
Or torn bite of bread
This is love

To see the service, you can find us on Youtube. To hear this poem spoken during the service, click here.

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In Faith,

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