Put Aside the Chaos

A Monday Meditation for November 16, 2020


Walking this morning, it was hard not to take in the splendidness of this day. The sky is a perfect fall blue, the air crisp but not bitter, and the leaves still fragrant and crunching. I’m grateful for moments and days like this that allow me to rest in a moment and image of gratitude. It keeps me focused and energized for what matters and the people who need me. The world around us continues to be chaos, a tornado of rising Covid cases, conflicting information, questionable news, and an aching desire to just be together--especially as the holiday season approaches.



I have no words to placate or untangle the chaos around us. It’s too much right now. So the words and imagery I’ll offer are this: sometimes when I’m untangling a ball of yarn, I sometimes reach a point where it feels like my mind is boiling and my body is going to explode. This is when I know it’s time to step away and place the knotted yarn down for a while. I’ll come back to it another time with fresh eyes and renewed determination, and I’ll eventually find my way through the tangles.



Today I invite you to take a pulse and see what you might need today...do you need a walk with fresh air? Do you need to set down the tangled yarn for a bit and look at something else? Is someone in your life needing to do the same? Go ahead and check in with them, too. Put aside the chaos and tangle, even if for only a few moments. It might help your brain not to boil over or your body to explode. 


Together While Apart,

Becca & Lori