What makes your heart hurt?

A Monday Meditation for June 28, 2021

St. Peter’s-

For the "I’ve Been Meaning to Ask" series this summer, our Monday Meditations will be written by various members of the St. Peter’s community.  


This week, Bob Werner answers the questions "What makes your heart hurt?" and "What have you learned from grief?" 


"I’ve been meaning to ask... where does it hurt? 


We believe everyone carries hurt and has the capacity to acknowledge the pain of others. We believe God draws close to us in every moment of suffering. We commit to vulnerability and compassion."


What makes your heart hurt? 


Seeing my kids struggle, or seeing them hurt, inside or out.  Seeing them left out, not included, pushed aside, ignored.  Seeing them frightened, unsure, overwhelmed. 


What have you learned from grief? 


Compassion for and understanding other’s pain or loss.  A recognition that the world goes on whether I’m in pain or not.  Grief is humbling.  Grief can also pull you closer to God.  It makes you realize there is really not that much that is controllable. 


From the perspective of a parent, what does it mean for you to ask "where does it hurt?" 


As an expecting first time parent 22 years ago, I remember reading a book about being a dad.  In one chapter it said that as a dad I would willingly give my life to keep my child safe.  I had a hard time getting my head around that.  As soon as Madeline was born, I had no doubt that I would lay my life down for her. 


It’s from that place that I can ask “Where does it hurt?” 


What is one way you care for yourself? 


Physical activity - in more than one form!  I love hiking and exercising.  


Bob Werner 

Spiritual Life Team Leader