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  • Walking this morning, it was hard not to take in the splendidness of this day. The sky is a perfect fall blue, the air crisp but not bitter, and the leaves still fragrant and crunching. I’m grateful for moments and days like this that allow me to rest in a moment and image of gratitude. 

  • To say this last week has been overwhelming would feel like an understatement. Regardless of who you voted for, it’s been a roller coaster of a week. There are many who are still processing all of what it means. So, here’s a place to start.

  • For this week’s Monday Meditation, I offer these JOYS from YOU, St. Peter’s.

  • The cool weather is settling in and it feels as though we are firmly in fall. This season is transitional in nature; the leaves are always changing and at different paces. Some already gone, some brilliant orange, golden yellow, and some still green. It’s a simply and good reminder to wonder and ask, where am I in this cycle today? 

  • As a way to be companions to each other in the next four weeks, a friend and I are reading Meditations of the Heart by Howard Thurman. They are musings and thoughts on prayer, community, and life. He offers a word of hope in times of uncertainty.