St. Peter's Hybrid Worship




Due to the increase in case rates in our county and surrounding areas, the building will be closed and worship will be livestream only. 


Livestream ONLY through January. NO in-person attendees.

Only Pastor(s) and Instrumental Accompanist(s) and the Livestream Operator(s) will be at St. Peter’s on Sunday mornings THROUGH the end of January. Governance Council will discuss a February plan at their meeting on January 25.


Join us via Livestream on YouTube at 10a.m. on Sundays. (Keep your pjs on if you’d like; we recommend lighting a candle and settling into your sacred space.) Our Livestream Host will connect with people in the Chat, and we will forge ahead again, “Together While Apart”. Additionally, our services are available any time on our YouTube Channel, and you don’t need to login to watch them – only to participate in the Chat feature.



Several teams, Governance Council, and many volunteers have been working diligently to create and implement St. Peter’s Hybrid Worship. Over the course of the pandemic, we have been pivoting, adjusting, and changing. Safety and technology and worship design have been areas of focus, and all efforts are focused on creating an authentic and engaging worship experience that fulfills our Covenant of Welcome and is consistent with our Mission Statement.


Worship is a single service at 10:00 a.m. EST each Sunday. You are welcome to join us in person (following below safety protocols such as masking indoors), via livestream on YouTube (with a live chat during the service) or you can watch later when a recording of the service is posted to our YouTube channel.


For more information please contact


Safety Protocols


Our COVID Safety Team determined the following general guideline: We will follow a “2 out of 3” standard for risk mitigation. This means any gathering must follow 2 out of these 3 safety measures: gathering outdoors, maintaining social distance, wearing a mask. We will honor and respect that we may not know the vaccination status, or other health status of people who attend our in-person worship or any other gathering and how being together with others may impact their health. For indoor worship, we will maintain social distancing and wear masks.


Good hygiene and cleaning measures are also part of the safety plan. Bathrooms will be cleaned additional times prior to and after worship. Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the indoor space.


Please choose to attend online worship if you have recently tested positive for COVID, are waiting for COVID test results, have any COVID or other flu/cold symptoms (even if you are vaccinated), or have had close contact with someone who is positive or having symptoms.


Any time the indoor space of St. Peter’s is being utilized, maintaining distance and wearing masks will be priority. Distancing will be our greatest challenge and require the most cooperation to achieve. Please do not gather for conversation anywhere in the building including in the Sanctuary, Front Entryway, Fellowship Hall, or Bathrooms. We encourage connection to happen outdoors. Please refrain from handshakes, hugs, and close conversation. We encourage waves, air hugs, and connecting outdoors. Distancing can also be easier to maintain if you think about any area outside of the Sanctuary is for moving through and the area inside the Sanctuary is for staying in your space.


What does Hybrid Worship look and feel like?


  •   The worship service is livestreamed (and recorded) to YouTube.  For our online congregants, they will experience worship as a live event captured by cameras mounted on the back walls of the sanctuary, and with imagery and pre-recorded videos designed to enhance worship. For in-person congregants, they are unlikely to notice the cameras given the positioning, but there may be additional monitors or screens present in the sanctuary to allow pre-recorded videos to be shown.
  •  There are designated pews that will be marked as “off camera.” Please reserve use of these pews for people who have reason or preference to remain off camera. This is similar to the efforts made by St. Peter’s to only share pictures in church communication or online when permission has been given by the people in the photo.
  •  We will be continually exploring ways to creatively connect and care for our online and in person worshippers together.
  • Most music is recorded and we are not yet singing as a full congregation at this time.
  •  We will have times of speaking together.
  • There will be no greeting time of moving around to shake hands or hug.
  • There will be a Digital Greeter in the YouTube live chat during the livestream.
  • Offering will be done with a common collection box or continue to give online.
  • Communion will be provided for those in person with prepackaged elements. You are also welcome to bring your own elements. Communion is on the 1st and 5th Sundays of the month.
  • There is no indoor fellowship before or after worship. Any fellowship time will be outside on the church grounds.
  • There is no child care or nursery. Kids are welcome in worship. Distancing guidelines should be followed.
  • There is no face to face greeting at end of service by Pastor Lori, other staff, or congregants.
  • Refrain from handshakes or hugs in the building – and even outdoors, please seek permission to offer touch to other people before reaching out. Many people are simply not ready for this, regardless of their vaccination or health status.