Making Sawdust

A Monday Meditation for August 10, 2020

St. Peter’s


Today, I am making sawdust. It’s a project that my spouse and I started for the church (at the request of a member) over a year ago. It’s taken awhile to find the time, the right temperatures for woodworking outside, childcare, and a few other things, but we’re back at it. I must share: making sawdust brings me joy. It’s the smell, the rhythm, the process. I love it all. And in these days of pandemic, when nothing seems familiar and a lot seems challenging, returning to something I love is giving me a little strength for what I am sure lies ahead.


I wonder what you need to do today… not what you need to do for tomorrow, or next week, next month, or even next year… but what do you need to do for your soul today? Whatever you need to do might become a prayer. Today, my prayers involved clamps, wood glue, a chop saw, a table saw, some more clamps, and a lot of wood.


For the simplicity of this Monday Meditation, I give thanks to God, who shows up, even in the sawdust.


Together While Apart,
Lori Bievenour