Monday Benediction

A Monday Benediction for March 8, 2021

St. Peter’s-


We’ve been trying to offer a Monday Meditation, but today, you’re getting a Monday Benediction. The benediction is the part of our service where we are sent out into the world, the time when our worship closes, the moment at which we transfer from contemplation and reflection to action. A friend of mine posts a benediction each night, and tonight, that was what spoke to me. Tonight, I offer you this:


May you look back on this day and feel the love that was offered to you. May you welcome the gentle forgiveness that God offers. May you allow what is unfinished to simply remain unfinished, and may you close your night thinking of someone who needs to hear that they are loved.



I spent today grateful for each of you. Why? Here’s why:


  • Because one of you called and wanted to go for a walk to reconnect.
  • Because I found one of you praying in our Memory Garden and Labyrinth for another one of you.
  • Because I collaborated with a colleague who pastors a congregation quite similar to ours and they are asking nearly all of the same questions.
  • Because we had over 50 people attend our Congregational Conversation on Zoom and over 30 attend yesterday’s Fellowship Walk.
  • Because… well, the list goes on.

In Faith and With Hope,

Lori Bievenour