Not Complicated

A Monday Meditation for May 3, 2021

Greetings, St. Peter’s!

My thoughts today are pretty simple: there is always more, and sometimes enough is enough.


There is always more work to be done, more love to be shared, more risks to take… and sometimes… I have done enough work, offered enough love, and risked enough for one day. I wonder if that resonates with you? I’m not going to complicate my thoughts today; I’m just going to let them be and then go for a walk because I’ve had enough time in this chair and my body is calling out to me to move.


To start, I will say this: Yesterday, we had a Congregational Conversation and about 50 people attended. THANK YOU! Governance Council shared updates on our proposed Bathroom Remodel, current pledge campaign, the Capacity Building Team’s work, the successes of our Livestream Team, and my plans for this summer.


I am working with Governance to pull a full review of these topics together, and you’ll receive that on Thursday via email. Keep an eye out for it!


That’s enough for now.

Together While Apart,