Monday Meditation

  • Associate Pastor Rebecca Lockwood is beginning her three-month sabbatical on Sunday, June 21, 2020. She offers this Monday Meditation with a prayer for her sabbatical and for St. Peter's UCC, and some advice for all of us.

  • We are all engaged in a shift in our culture right now.  Conversations on race are at the forefront of our lives, and we are being asked to do work that has been avoidable for far too long.  So, if you really start to think about the Trinity, what do you see?  How does it inform your faith?  

  • It’s the day after Pentecost. The Spirit has arrived and is living and weaving among us. And now it’s time to take the first step of Being the Church. Pentecost is often described as the birth of the Church, the moment when the Spirit came and settled on people from all over the world. It’s called the Birth of the Church because this is the moment when the disciples took that first step into the unknown.

  • The Spirit, the water, always finds a way. No rock or log will stop it completely. It may change its course or alter its speed, but still the water and Spirit flow. May this be true for your spirit this week as well.

  • In preparation for today’s meditation I read, “The World According to Mister Rogers: Important Things to Remember.” And it was inspiring and nostalgic and I loved it. But I couldn’t really find a quote that felt “just right.” I was left with an overall feeling of wanting to name the real feelings, which Mr. Rogers talks about emphatically.