Quarantine 2020

Posts that mention challenges and opportunities during the 2020 Pandemic

  • Guest blogger Stevi Cook, a long time member of St. Peter's UCC, talks about our mission work with the Washington UCC group in Cincinnati. And she explains why she is missing it so much this year.

  • Because… The Virus. And Racism.  And Sabbatical. These are not at all the same things, but they collided for me yesterday. We had an absolutely WONDERFUL send off for our Associate Pastor of Missions & Education, Becca Lockwood. Over 100 of you drove through our parking lot and safely wished her well on her journey of renewal and rest. It was glorious.

  • The Ascension of Jesus is a strange story at first glance. Jesus is air-lifted into the heavens and we’re left with a collage of clouds and sunlight. To be clear, it is a strange story. And, when we look at this story in the context of all of Jesus’ other interactions, blessings, healings, miracles...it actually feels pretty consistent with what we've experienced of Jesus thus far. 

  • Since the middle of March , we have been monitoring and receiving a variety of information from federal/state/city governments, public health organizations, faith- based organizations, and our own people. Today, we present our approach to the next three phases for our worship and community. 

  • Paul believed that God longed to be known by us. As children of God, we see reflections, glimpses of the Divine in each other. In our connection and relationships--in community--we experience God more fully. This week, we explore our ability to stay connected, to form and sustain relationships--even from a distance--through a screen, or a letter, or a phone call.