Taking Advice

A Monday Meditation for February 22, 2021

St. Peter’s:


It stinks to miss out… except when you still get to enjoy the goodness in a different way.


That’s what’s on my mind today. Yesterday, I had hopes of joining a group from St. Peter’s at Fort Benjamin Harrison for an afternoon of sledding and hiking. A migraine made that impossible. I was sad/angry/frustrated/insert other word here, but we made the most of the afternoon once my medications worked enough to let me see light. I trusted that Monday would be better.


And it is… sort of. I had all sorts of plans for today – my first day in awhile without anything specific on the calendar for work – and then I got the email that our child’s school was closed due to a water main break. So much for those plans. My spouse and I sprang into action finding ways to balance our days while playing with (enduring) glitter and hot glue and endless imaginative play with our kid. (Honestly, it could be so much worse.)


And then I saw the posts from sledding. And the pictures. And a few of you emailed to share how much fun it was to be together (with masks and safely distanced)! My heart filled. My headache eased (it’s still not quite gone). And my breaths became a little deeper.


I flipped my calendar, and it read, “A leader who does not take advice is not a leader.” (A Kenyan proverb). So true. I needed to take the advice of my body over the past 24 hours or so… and just rest. And in that, I am learning that God shows up in Facebook memories, in really messy craft projects, and in rescheduling things that can wait.


I wonder what other advice I should be listening to (and I encourage you to share it with me – I’m listening!). I wonder what else our bodies are trying to tell us. I wonder how we will continue to support each other in laughter and in challenging times as we continue to Be the Church.


As my Monday continues, I will be flipping among emails, calls, and building forts with a certain child of mine. And I will listen to my body and give thanks that I have the privilege to do so.


These are my Monday Meditations, St. Peter’s. Whether your plans were thrown off track (like mine) or whether your cruising through a particularly wonderful season of your life, know that you are not alone, and please, continue to spread the love and share the journey with one another!


Together While Apart,