To be Bold

A Monday Meditation for February 1, 2021

St. Peter’s-



Here’s what’s stuck in my head today…


Yesterday, we had at least two different people/families that joined us for worship via YouTube for the first time. There were likely more… but these two people/families acknowledged themselves in the chat window. Bold.


One joined us for Church Chat after worship. That required emailing me directly first to get the Zoom link. Bold.


That same person/family requested an Equal Justice Initiative calendar from someone else in Church Chat when it was offered. Bold.


Two of you agreed to meet up with this person/family later last evening to give the calendar to them. You brought a loaf of homemade bread. Bold.


The person/family emailed me directly to say thanks for the service, the hospitality, and the things to think about… and then shared about the rest of their family and desires for a new church after moving here recently. Bold.


What did we learn? A lot… but one thing sticks out. You know why this person/family chose to visit St. Peter’s yesterday online? Because when they drove by our building, they saw our solar panels.


Yup, the solar panels that we put in a few years back. It wasn’t our website, our Native Habitat, our rainbow spinners, or our “Together While Apart” sign this time (though those HAVE attracted people in the past.) This time, it was our solar panels.


Why am I sharing this? Well, because, we never know what draws us together, but honestly, it can be anything. I give thanks that this person/family decided to risk joining us yesterday, and I hope we offered enough for a return.


However, even if this person/family never returns, I know that we made an impression, and our solar panels sent a message.


If you watched worship yesterday, you won’t be surprised to hear me say that there were some little miracles in this story. I hope you feel the same way. (And if you haven’t enjoyed worship yet, check it out here.)


I ask you to be bold this week… in little things and big thing, be bold. And look for the miracles.



Together While Apart,
Lori Bievenour