Where does it hurt?

A Monday Meditation for June 21, 2021

St. Peter’s-

For the "I’ve Been Meaning to Ask" series this summer, our Monday Meditations will be written by various members of the St. Peter’s community. 


This week, Bailee Belcher answers the questions "Where does it hurt?" and "What have you learned from grief?"


When I received the call, I went numb. Lyndsey, my sister, had been fighting cancer for many years. I prayed that she would pass before I arrived at the hospital. She was my best friend, and I didn’t know how to say goodbye. I am grateful I was there to hold her hand as she left this life. 


Lyndsey taught me so much about living. Her death taught me so much about grief. I learned that grieving is an individual process that must be respected. I grew to appreciate the people who were not afraid to be around me when I was sad. When I could not offer joy in return. When I just needed the presence of someone without needing either of us to speak.


I count it as an incredible blessing to have had this life experience. It increases my appreciation for family and friendship. It affects the way I raise my children. It gives me perspective when deciding what things are important to me. It makes me a better pharmacist when taking care of patients at the end of their lives. It made me unafraid to accompany my friend to the funeral home when she was dying and wanted to make her own arrangements. It gave me courage when I held the hand of my grandmother while she died.  


For this life, I am thankful. 


Bailee Belcher