Welcome to St. Peter's Preschool

for ages 2-5 years old from 9 am- 1 pm


St. Peter’s Preschool program embraces the philosophy that children learn best through play.  We are focused on providing a developmental curriculum that is consistent with the highest standards of early childhood education. We believe our role as teachers is to provide a fun and safe learning environment with the child’s growth and development in mind so that the foundation of learning is established. 

We are a peanut-free and treenut-free school.

Tours are scheduled Monday-Friday between 9:30-11:30 AM.

To schedule a tour, please contact

Lori Jannsen

Preschool Director



St. Peter's Preschool learning through play


2-Year-Old • Parent's Time Out Program

Age 2 by September 1

2- Year-Old Parent's Time Out Program at St. Peter's

Toddler age preschoolers are constantly growing and changing.  The following curricular objectives are designed to guide the social development of preschoolers and prepare them for preschool.  These goals are focused on throughout the year.  In addition to the yearlong goals, toddlers will be introduced to many conceptual areas.


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Three-Year-Old Program

Age 3 by September 1

Young children learn in a variety of situations.  IN the 3-year-old classes students will learn during circle time, at tables and during play.  These experiences will expose them to the many different educational opportunities related to literacy and number sense.  These young learners are also introduced to numerous conceptual ideas over the school year.


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3-Year-Old Preschool Program at St. Peters


Pre-Kindergarten Program

Age 4 by September 1

Kindergarten Readiness is the priority for our four-year old program.  Students will gain a basic understanding of core content areas needed to be emergent in literacy, and develop number sense and other basic skills. These indicators describe the knowledge and skills that serve as the foundation for meaningful early learning experiences.  These goals are aligned with the Carmel Clay Schools academic standards.

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Pre-K Program- Age 4 - St. Peter's Church in Carmel


Transitional Kindergarten Program

Age 4 1/2 by September 1

Kindergarten readiness is the key to our Older 4/5-year-old program. Students will continue to master the core content needed to be emergent in literacy, develop number sense and other basic skills. These young learners will also be exposed to additional conceptual ideas expanding their knowledge through group learning and guided experimentation. These indicators describe the knowledge and skills that serve as the foundation for meaningful early learning experiences. They are aligned with the Carmel Clay Schools Kindergarten Standards and describe essential concepts and skills for young learners.


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Transitional Kindergarten Program at St. Peters UCC



Our teachers love teaching this age group!

St Peter's preschool teachers and assistants have a natural love and affinity for early childhood education. Every teacher in the 3-Year-Old Program and 4-5 Year-Old Program has a bachelor's degree in elementary or early childhood education.  Our Parent's Time Out teachers (two-year-olds) have over 13 years of experience teaching this age group.


All of our teachers and assistants are devoted to St. Peter's Preschool philosophy, developed over 30 years ago: Children are unique individuals who deserve a loving, secure environment that promotes a sense of wonder and discovery in learning.

Two's Teachers

Two's Teacher
Esha Hrivnak

Esha Hrivnak is the lead teacher  2-year-old classes.  She received her bachelor’s degree in Communications with a double emphasis in Public Relations and Television Broadcasting from the University Of Indianapolis.  Esha enjoys taking pictures and teaching dance once a week to Preschool Aged students at the Monon Community Center.

Two's Teacher

Amanda Harris

Amanda Harris is the teacher for one of our MW 2’s Classes.  Amanda graduated from Ball State University and is also a Certified Yoga Instructor through Yoga Alliance. After staying at home with her littles ones and dipping her toe into teaching at St. Peter’s in 2017, she realized how rewarding it is to teach younger children and is currently pursuing her master's in teaching at Marian University. Amanda and her husband Robert have two daughters who are St. Peter’s Preschool Alumni. She saw what a wonderful sense of community and support the staff at St. Peter’s added to her daughters’ lives, and she wanted to be a part of it.  You may find her hosting spontaneous dance parties, building forts, and creating art projects with her girls. In her downtime, she enjoys cooking, going to art exhibits, and spending time with her family and friends.


Two's Teacher

Susan Schuh

Susan is our lead Teacher in T/Th Two year old class.

Two's Assistant Teacher
Amber Whisler

Amber Whisler is the teacher assistant in the M/W 2s class with Ms. Amanda.  She is an IU grad and has taught elementary school for 18 years.  She and her husband Matt moved to Carmel in 2011.  We have 4 children:  Max and Donnie who attend Woodbrook Elementary, Joey in the 3s class here at St. Peter’s, and a 1-year-old girl, Addie. Most of her free time is spent chasing toddlers or watching our boys play baseball and swim!

Two's Assistant

and Three's Teacher Assistant
Jenny Fuller

My name is Jenny Fuller. I am very excited for my first year here St. Peter's Preschool!  I will be the teacher assistant in the 2's classes M-TH and teacher assistant in the Friday 3's Enrichment Class. I practiced nursing for ten years in the hospitals before staying home with our boys, Max and Luke. I started working for the Carmel Clay Schools as an assistant and really enjoyed working in various roles! I’m happy to be here with this amazing group of educators this year!


Two's Assistant Teacher

Lauren Wagner

 Lauren Wagner will be assistant teacher for the 2s class T TH F.  She studied Physical Therapy & Health Services at the University of St. Francis before staying home with her two kiddos ages 9 and 6, both St. Peter’s Preschool alumni. She loves working at St. Peter’s Preschool because of all the wonderful teachers and families she has known throughout the years!

Three's Teachers



Kristen Newkirk

Kristin Newkirk is the lead teacher in the M-TH 3’s class.  Kristin holds a BA in Elementary Education from Indiana University and received her master’s in Elementary Education/ Reading Specialist from Ball State University. She has been teaching preschool at St. Peters since 2017.

Three's Teacher 
Sara Carlise


Sara Carlise will be the lead teacher in our Thursday Three-Year-Old Enrichment Class.  Sara has 3 children ages.  Not only is she teaching a 3-year-old class at St. Peter’s Preschool, but she teaches 3’s at St. Elizabeth Seton.   


Three’s Teacher

Karen Bailey


Karen Bailey is an assistant in our Thursday 3’s Enrichment Class.  She has a degree in Elementary Education from Butler University and has taught our enrichment class in previous years.  Karen is excited to be back this year and cannot wait to be with the wonderful St. Peter’s students and families.


Teacher's Assistant
Valerie Perkins

Valerie Perkins is the assistant teacher in the MW & T TH  3 -year-old program.  Valerie has worked at St. Peter’s Preschool as an assistant and substitute teacher since 2011.

Teacher's Assistant
Christie Umthum


Kristie is a teacher's assistant for the threes.





Pre -K and Transitional Kindergarten Teachers

Pre-K Teacher
Jill Schlies

Jill Schlies teaches our MWF Pre-K Class. She has a degree in Education from the University of Iowa and joined the St. Peter's staff in 2008.

Pre-K Teacher
Nicole Reed

Nicole Reed teaches one of our MWF Pre-K classes and will be teaching the Thursday Enrichment Class.  She has a degree in Education and an Endorsement in Kindergarten from Ball State University and has been teaching at St. Peter’s Preschool since 2015.

Transitional Kindergarten Teacher
Jill Graber


Jill Graber is the teacher of the transitional kindergarten class. She joined the St. Peter’s staff in 2020. She has a degree in Elementary Education with endorsements in early childhood and kindergarten from St. Joseph’s College. Jill and her husband have three children, two girls and a boy. She loves children’s literature and enjoys making crafts.


Pre-K Assistant
Katie Shattuck

Katie Shattuck is a teacher's assistant in Ms. Jill’s Pre K class. Katie joined the St. Peter's staff in 2011. She has a degree in Art andDesign from St. Mary-of-the-Woods College.


Pre-K Assistant
Dawn Auch

Dawn Auch is a Pre-K assistant in the MWF Pre-k class and an Assistant Director on Tuesdays.  Dawn has been at St. Peter’s Preschool since 2013 and is a graduate of Purdue University.    

Transitional Kindergarten

Jenna Zartman

 Jenna Zartman is the assistant teacher in the Transitional Kindergarten class.  Jenna has a bachelor’s degree in music education from Duquesne University and a master’s degree in music performance from the University of Florida.  In addition to teaching preschool children, Jenna teaches saxophone lessons to middle and high school students.hted to be a part of our St Peter’s Preschool staff.

Parent's Comments

Read what parents have to say about St. Peter's Preschool

"The teachers at St. Peter's Preschool not only give the kids a guidance of self-confidence and a social environment, but academically the kids are prepared for Kindergarten. We've been with St. Peter's for six years and my two older boys still talk about how much they miss the teachers they had. Not only did my children have wonderful teachers but we – as a family – have met other families that have become such great friends."

- Parent of two preschool alumni and a currently enrolled 4-year-old


"St. Peter's provides a positive learning atmosphere, a well-rounded curriculum and a fabulous forum for children to learn social and classroom skills. But most importantly, my daughter loves her teachers and loves going to St. Peter's every day!"

- Parent of a 5-year-old


"St. Peter's Preschool is truly a little gem and our family feels blessed to have found it. It provides my children with a fun-filled education that they will treasure for the rest of their lives, and provides me with the reassurance of knowing that I have provided the very best preschool education for my children. The preschool is in a safe and fun environment (a true home from home) and amongst teachers and staff that are genuinely talented, kind and nurturing.

I could not rate this preschool any higher. It is simply outstanding and I feel a huge debt of gratitude to St Peter's for helping my children adjust so well to life in a new country away from close friends and family. The ease with which they settled in to our new life here truly is testament to the nurturing, caring environment and high caliber of the teaching staff."

- Parent of a preschool alumni and a currently enrolled 4-year-old

Preschool Contact Information

Carmel, Indiana Preschool Contact Info

Preschool Phone: 317-846-6860

Preschool Email: preschooldirector@stpeterscarmel.org

We’re at 3106 E. Carmel Dr, Carmel, IN 46033 (the northeast corner of Keystone and Carmel Dr).